09.26.16 Not watching the debate

My watching or not watching will not impact anything except my mental health. The horror is now so palpable that I have to remove myself from it, including — potentially — boycotting all election news until it’s all over.

I’m deeply angry at Clinton, who is just about the only candidate in the universe who could give Trump a chance to win. (The classic Clinton decision to keep her pneumonia secret, coupled with her broad insult against Trump supporters as deplorable were more nails in her coffin. [Her statement about Trump supporters was true, but didn’t need to be said, at least not by her.]) I’m equally disgusted by TV “journalists” whose pursuit of ratings has overcome any commitment to their supposed profession or responsibility to the public good. (Matt Lauer: please rot in hell.)

In case you’re wondering why I have not been bloviating about the election all along, it is because I assume all of you dear readers are able to read the newspaper. And I hope that a substantial number of you know better than to watch TV “news.” Further 95% of you are supporting Clinton, anyway. As for the other 5% Bernie or Busters who are going to vote for Stein or Johnson, you are a lost cause, still trying to escape your responsibility for W’s election, his Supreme Court picks, and the Iraq war — there’s no point in discussing political responsibility with you.

If I were a religious man, I would be praying for the deity’s mercy on us all. I’m not, though, leaving me with only anguish and a desire to find a country that will have me.

PS. When I’m not motivated to write blog posts, you can find my comments on this or that news item on Facebook (Keith Berner in Takoma Park, MD). My posts are usually public, meaning you don’t have to “friend” me to see them (and, in fact, I don’t friend people whom I don’t know).

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