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03.13.11 Pro Labor!

March 13, 2011

During the past couple of years, I became increasingly opposed to the Montgomery County public employee unions.  Their pay and benefits are excessive within the context of the county’s fiscal crisis. Well compensated public employees need to give back substantially when programs for the needy are on the chopping block.

But I have never opposed the right of labor to organize. And all it took was Wisconsin to remind me how precious that right is.  The GOP march nationwide to destroy unions and chip away at voting rights is nothing less than an assault on democracy itself (tattered as it is after Citizens United and the overwhelming control a tiny corporate elite has over the media, government, and – by extension – education).

One interesting facet of the Wisconsin phenomenon is the stark difference between the Washington Post’s and New York Times’s editorial coverage:  The Times has repeatedly denounced the Wisconsin GOP’s power grab. All the virulently anti-labor Post could muster was a one meek piece declaring understanding for Wisconsin’s need to cut pay and benefits and hoping that the two sides could work it out.

Count me pro labor. Count me, futher, as one who never forgets to read the Post’s editorial page with a giant grain of salt.

©2011 Keith Berner