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04.04.10 Outrage in Maryland

April 4, 2010

So, you thought of Maryland as a liberal bastion, did you — just because Dems hold huge supermajorities in both houses of the Maryland legislature?  Well, you’re wrong, because this state Democratic party is in the sway of the Catholic church, big business, the liquor lobby, and big gambling (among other nefarious characters).  Count on it: Maryland will be among the last of Democrat-controlled states in the country to legalize gay marriage serious open government legislation, just to name two progressive mainstays.

He’s the latest outrage from this pale blue state: impending passage of HB946/SB385: the “Building Opportunities for All Students and Teachers (BOAST)” bill.  This ugly piece of legislation will give a 75% tax credit (not a deduction, but rather a CREDIT, i.e., cold, hard cash right back in their pockets) for contributions up to $200,000 by business to PRIVATE SCHOOLS.  So, at a time when we are running huge budget deficits and cutting public-school funding to the bone, we’re encouraging our wealthiest residents and businesses to underwrite religious institutions (since very, very few private schools are secular).


It now seems certain that this monstrosity will become law.  At this point, the best progressives can hope for is some language preventing recipient schools from discriminating against gay students and we’re not even sure that will make it into the bill.

I have written to my legislators (who are a good bunch, over all) informing them of my intention to withhold the proportion of my state taxes that would fund this horribly misguided initiative.  If we can’t stop this from becoming law, right-minded tax-payers ought to refuse to pay for it.