I am a proud resident of Takoma Park, Maryland, which Utne Reader once called “the leftiest ‘burb anywhere.” We are sometimes called the “Berkley of the East” but that has it backwards: Berkley is actually the Takoma Park of the West.

I have been a political activist my whole life. In 1963, my parents moved to the only purposely integrating community in the country (the Ludlow community in Shaker Heights, Ohio) and dived into the Civil Rights Movement. At age 8 (1968), I was going door-to-door raising money for the “Chicago 7″ (victims of Mayor Daley’s police riots at the Democratic convention that year). My first trips to Washington, DC came the following two years, as the whole family protested the Vietnam War. I had my picture in Time as a 12-year-old campaigner for George McGovern in 1972.

In recent years, I have been involved in local, county, and state politics, getting to spend a lot of time with politicians, party officials, and the like.  The result has been significant disillusionment with the people and processes.  Which, of course, provides lots of fodder for blowing off steam and the occasional piece of insightful analysis.

Topic ideas and feedback (positive, negative, whatever!) are greatly encouraged, whether by comment on the blog itself or by email.

Always feel free to contact me directly: lefthandview@kberner.us


One Comment on “About”

  1. Carrie Keske Crady Says:

    Since I had some time while going through Shaker class of 1978 and saw your comment, I checked out your site and glad to see there are people out there like you!
    Good for you and congratulations on a great website. Have fun with the DNC!


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