12.07.16 County Council disses Marc Elrich, as usual

At the bottom, you’ll see Nancy Floreen’s celebration of the council’s great new leadership: Roger Berliner and Hans Riemer. Above it you’ll see my letter to the councilmembers. Please remember this when all of them run for county executive (against Marc) in 2018.

Subject: MoCoCo new leadership announcement
Date: December 6, 2016 at 21:00:41 EST

This new leadership is another deliberate exclusion of the most popular and nearly longest serving councilmember: Marc Elrich.Marc beat you other at-large members twice in a row and has now served 10 years on the Council. I’m sure Marc is a big boy and can withstand the evident enmity from his council colleagues, but *I* am insulted. All of you who have conspired to keep Marc out of leadership have betrayed me and thousands of other Moco voters who support him more than they do you. I and others will have a long memory.

©2016 Keith Berner
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2 Comments on “12.07.16 County Council disses Marc Elrich, as usual”

  1. Brian Rostron Says:

    Geez, Floreen went out of her way to praise everyone on council in that email. Also, Elrich is an embarrassment – http://movingtakomaforward.blogspot.com/2016/11/geez-marc-elrich-cant-take-hint.html


  2. Keith Berner Says:

    Brian — you don’t like the guy’s ideology. That’s apparent. Please remind why *your* distaste is reason enough to ignore the voters’ clearly expressed will (not to mention where your personal ideology is the standard why which to define “embarrassment”). I and tens of thousands of voters in MoCo have selected Elrich over and over because they support him. I just don’t see any reason why you (or the rest of the council) should be appointing yourselves as our local “electoral college” that serves to undermine popular democracy.


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