06.13.16 Mr. Trump isn’t wise on foreign policy — he’s just winging it (WaPo letter)

My letter will appear in the print edition of the Washington Post on Tuesday, June 17



Just because Joseph A. Mussomeli correctly eviscerated the neoconservatives for a lack of humility and inability to learn from their mistakes does not mean that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s approach to foreign policy is “level-headed” [“Trump’s foreign policy wisdom,” Washington Forum, June 10].

Mr. Trump has come to his foreign policy positions as he has the rest of his so-called policies: by winging it. He has neither substantive knowledge of nor experience in foreign affairs. His statements represent his instinct du jour, rather than any coherent whole. Mr. Trump cites himself as his main foreign policy adviser. He is volatile, thin-skinned and so taken with violent rhetoric that there is no telling what he would do as president.

I share the writer’s concern about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s affinity with the neocons; however, there is little doubt that she would conduct U.S. foreign policy with far more grounding in reality than Mr. Trump possibly could.

Keith Berner, Takoma Park

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