05.01.16 Hillary Clinton for President

Oh how it pains me to write this. My opinion of both Clintons has been consistent for a very long time. I hardly need to recount their political and policy sins again.

Also, I have not given up on the political movement Bernie Sanders represents. Yes, the system is rigged for the wealthy. Yes, income and wealth inequality are killing what remains of our grossly imperfect democracy. Yes, we need a political revolution to truly address our problems.

But that political revolution is not going to happen in 2016. Bernie Sanders has no remaining path to the Democratic nomination (other than the vanishingly unlikely and extremely distasteful possibility of convincing delegates that a majority of Democratic primary voters – and an overwhelming majority of African American voters – who voted for Clinton this year don’t matter; is that the kind of democracy we seek?).

Sanders should stay in the race until the Philly convention and continue speaking out for the progressive agenda and revolution we need. He should use all the leverage he can to influence Clinton and the party platform (though, the latter hardly matters).

But, as I have written previously, this year, our nation stands at the edge of an abyss the likes of which it has not seen in the lifetime of anyone reading this. Hard-right theocrats, racists, and Ayn Randers control the Congress, governorships, state legislatures, and school boards coast to coast. The only thing that stands in the way their agenda’s being fully enacted is the presidency.

If you need to hold your nose to support Hillary Clinton (as I do) than start holding it. It is not sufficient simply to stop attacking her (though that is absolutely necessary, since every attack from the left will be in a Donald Trump ad this fall). No, we also need to write checks, make phone calls, and knock on doors. We must do whatever it takes to keep GOP hands off the White House.

©2016 Keith Berner

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8 Comments on “05.01.16 Hillary Clinton for President”

  1. Betsy Broughton Says:

    I will have a stiff drink and vote for her, if I have to. When I get home I will shower till the shame is muted. But until that moment I will only promote Bernie Sanders and his agenda. Make her scratch for every vote.


    • Keith Berner Says:

      I’m amazed you’re willing to go this far, Betsy. Now, here’s a secret for you, me, and everyone who lives in a deep blue or red state: since your vote won’t change how your *state* votes, you can safely cast a protest vote in November. I’ll write in Bernie Sanders here in MD. But if I were in ME, OH, or VA (to name three), I’d absolutely vote for Clinton. And, notwithstanding my protest vote in MD, I will work to defeat Trump in other states.


  2. Dear Keith:

    Would Kasich be such a bad pick if we can’t have Bernie & Elizabeth Warren? Also, why can’t Bernie run as an independent and just win already?

    Will I see you at the MCDCC Gala this coming Sat eve? They are charging a lot. I am trying to get a volunteer job out of it though I realize I will have to pay at least $125 to attend but they could give me some credit if they want to. Best Wishes,

    Shoshana Mintz-Urquhart. I really want Bernie & Jane to win The White House. I even drove up to Sanders Burlington office. I met some decent people. I was driven last Veteran’s Day in honor of my deceased Navy Veteran husband.


    Rosa-Shoshana Mintz-Urquhart

    Sent from my iPhone



    • Keith Berner Says:

      Nice to hear from you Rosa-Soshana!

      Kasich is a extreme right-winger. He only appears moderate this year, because the GOP has moved so far to the right. In any case, he has zero chance at getting the GOP nomination, so there’s no point in considering him.

      As for Bernie as an independent, he would end up taking votes from Hillary (just as Nader took votes from Gore in 2000), thereby assuring a Trump presidency. Fortunately (in my view), Bernie has no intent to do this. He will stay in the race in order to continue to influence Hillary, but he will endorse her at the convention this summer and support her in the fall.

      As for the Gala, I don’t drop money on Democratic Party events! (I don’t have much regard for the party — I’d rather give my money directly to candidates I support.) Have fun!


  3. jerry berner Says:

    I agree with you. I just hope that all of us Bernie supporters will rally behind Hillary (and NOT STAY HOME) to prevent the Republicans from the Presidency and to gain in both houses of Congress.


  4. Alan Henney Says:

    What is so troubling about both parties is that — if I’m not a Goldman Sacks CEO — I have no chance of getting my voice heard. That is not democracy. Why do they call it the Democratic Party? Maybe they need to lose the election and regroup again in four years.


  5. […] can cast a protest vote in Maryland and not put our 10 electoral votes in play. In fact, when I switched my presidential endorsement from Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton in May, I wanted her to beat Donald Trump nationally, but still planned to write in Sanders as a protest […]


  6. […] it was apparent (after the New York primary) that he had no path to victory in the primaries, I endorsed and contributed to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. I have Facebook friends on both sides who […]


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