03.12.16 A decade in the life of Raskin, Matthews & Trone (MD-8)

Here’s how three of the leading candidates for Congress from our district have spent the last decade:

Jamie Raskin

  • Led a progressive wave that swept aside machine, big-business politicians who had dominated Maryland State District 20 for decades
  • Served as a nationally respected constitutional law professor at American University Washington College of Law
  • As D-20’s state senator, Jamie led the fights
    • for marriage equality
    • to end the death penalty
    • to ban assault weapons
    • to end fracking
    • to raise the minimum wage
    • to restore voting rights to ex-felons
    • for criminal-justice reform
    • to increase protections for domestic-abuse victims
    • to stiffen penalties for drunk drivers.

 Kathleen Matthews

 David Trone

While Jamie Raskin has led the effort to get money out of politics, his opponents have been avid players in the corrupt system where big money purchases policy outcomes.

While Jamie Raskin has been serving the public good, his opponents have served only themselves.

#md8notforsale / #myvotenotforsale

©2016 Keith Berner

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3 Comments on “03.12.16 A decade in the life of Raskin, Matthews & Trone (MD-8)”

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