03.02.16 Like Bob McDonnell and Donald Trump? You’ll love David Trone!

The Seventh State blog reports today that David Trone is poster child #1 in Bob McDonnell’s corruption trial. (In case you’ve forgotten, McDonnell is the former Virginia governor who was caught taking “gifts” from donors doing business with the state.) Trone – ala Donald Trump – has been claiming that he is incorruptible because he is self-financing his campaign for Congress in Maryland Disrict 8. In fact, Trone has been spreading his money all over the country “buying access” (same words as Trump uses), with more than $150k in donations to right-wing freaks.

While Trone/Trump’s actions may be legal, this behavior is at the root of our corrupt political system, where money buys outcomes.

Is David Trone a worthy candidate for MD8? Well, given that others, Jamie Raskin in particular, are leading the effort get money out of politics, it’s a pretty easy call.

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4 Comments on “03.02.16 Like Bob McDonnell and Donald Trump? You’ll love David Trone!”

  1. Dear Keith;

    Keep up the good work.

    Did you that The Klu Klux Klan according to these political historian experts/scholars who get on MSNBC and CNN said that The KKK came from the extreme Left and was never a side bar or by product of the Republicans down south. It was more gleaned or came out of the Dixie crat movement.

    Sent from my IPhone R. Shoshana N. Mintz-Urquhart



    • Keith Berner Says:

      Yes, indeed. Remember that the Democrats were the white, racist party of the South until LBJ introduced civil rights legislation. (Of course, this was no “left” party!) That led to the decimation of the Democrats in the South, as whites moved to the GOP over the next 20-30 years. And the GOP, never failing to take advantage of an opportunity — no matter how odious — introduced Nixon’s Southern Strategy and used racist dog-whistles on purpose to become the Official Party of Racism. (I’m not saying all Republicans are racist. I’m saying that most racists are Republican.)

      Trump is 100% a creature of the GOP. He is (as Robert Kagan called them recently in the Washington Post) their Frankenstein. Though the Trump phenomenon is scary and dangerous, I’m laughing derisively as the GOP destroys itself.


  2. […] 03.02.16 Like Bob McDonnell and Donald Trump? You’ll love David Trone! […]


  3. […] 03.02.16 Like Bob McDonnell and Donald Trump? You’ll love David Trone! […]


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