03.02.16 Trone’s open-bar bribery for young voters

Liquor salesman, David Trone continues his ugly campaign tactics with an open-bar event for young professionals tomorrow in Bethesda. There’s nothing illegal about throwing a party and giving away free booze, but this stuff just leaves a very bad taste in your blogger’s mouth. Just imagine: a bunch of wasted Millennials, courtesy of Trone. I’m curious how many of the hungover survivors will turn out to vote for Trone in gratitude for his swill.

#myvoteisnotforsale / #md8isnotforsale

©2016 Keith Berner

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2 Comments on “03.02.16 Trone’s open-bar bribery for young voters”

  1. Hank Prensky Says:

    It’s especially offensive since Mr. Trone talked in a recent candidates’s forum about having grown up in a home with a particularly abusive alcoholic father…and then he grows up to be the biggest booze distributer in the USA! Troubling, at best!


  2. kenfx0 Says:

    Maybe we should round up a few hundred people and go there to drink up his booze, and then leave?


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