02.20.16 The best things about Jeb!’s departure

  1. A lot of very wealthy people wasted millions of dollars on a horrificly incompetent campaign.
  2. Paul Wolfowitz, the major architect of the Iraq War and a top Jeb! advisor, won’t be back in a seat of power after November.
  3. We have heard the last of the Bushes at the national level until the next generation inflicts itself upon us.

Can I get a “hallelujah?!”

©2016 Keith Berner

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6 Comments on “02.20.16 The best things about Jeb!’s departure”

  1. Betsy Broughton Says:

    hallelujah and a-freaking-men! i saw wolfowitz at an indie film preview (about ukraine) and he protected himself from the probably hostile crowd by escorting a woman vet with no legs. he makes worms run and hide.


  2. qboleyn Says:



  3. Enough of Bush, bring on Trump!


  4. Lorraine Pearsall Says:

    You have my hallelujah, great observations! Lorraine

    Sent from my iPad



  5. Michelle T Says:

    Yes, hallelujah, but we are now left with the possibility of Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton. The possibility of Bush-Clinton-Bush-Trump. The possibility of Bush-Clinton-Bush-Cruz. We have no right to tell any nation in the world that elects a) dynasties or b) populist demagogues that their democracy needs “consolidating”.


  6. Alan Henney Says:

    Yeah but what about the Clintons???


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