02.11.16 Doug Duncan: an albatross around Kathleen Matthews’s neck

Remember MoCo’s own Prince of Pavement? Well Doug Duncan is back, this time endorsing Kathleen Matthews for Congress from MD-8.

When we last saw Duncan in public office, he was putting together the infamous (and Orwellian-named) “End-Gridlock” slate. These polticos declared war on and went on a personal smear campaign against ethically clean and environmentally friendly leaders across the county. They worsened gridlock by pursuing rapid-pace development without regard to infrastructure needs (from mass transit, to roads, to schools). (Nancy Floreen [D-At Large] is, thankfully, the only remaining unrepentant, unreformed remnant of Duncan’s destructive policies and politics.)

As Matthews celebrates Duncan’s endorsement, she tells us exactly the kind of congresswoman she would be: avidly putting the Big Business interests above those of the people, making the environment subservient to low taxes and no regulation.

So, if you like Doug Duncan; if you love pavement more than clean water; if you want to increase corporate control of government, then Kathleen Matthews should get your vote.

If not, take Duncan’s endorsement as a strong indication that you should be looking for a candidate who is actually a real progressive.

Vote no to Wall Street representation from MD-8: declare that our district is not for sale and oppose Kathleen Matthews for Congress.

©2016 Keith Berner

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4 Comments on “02.11.16 Doug Duncan: an albatross around Kathleen Matthews’s neck”

  1. Woody Brosnan Says:

    Totally agree.


  2. kenfx0 Says:

    Kathleen also gave money to a tea party congress critter. She said she did it because he was good for Marriott. This was on the Kojo show months ago.


    Ken Firestone, ken at firestone dot net Sent from my iPad, so blame Steve Jobs for typos



  3. […] (Another indication of Matthews’s likely fealty to big business if she were elected is her endorsement by former Montgomery County Executive Doug Duncan, the prince of […]


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