02.09.16 The big dawg escapes the pound and loses his muzzle

I wrote yesterday about the New York Times lead story, where supposed feminists told young women they were going to hell or accused them of chasing young penises, for/by supporting Bernie Sanders.

Today, the lead story  in the NYT was about Bill Clinton’s accusing Bernie Sanders of being dishonest.

There is a fair case to be made that Bernie is not prepared to be president or won’t be able to get his ideas implemented or would hand the fall election to the GOP. But accusing Mr. Squeaky Clean of dishonesty? Tell me how many votes the Dawg is going to drive towards Hillary and away from Sanders with this disgusting attack. It’s back to 2008 South Carolina where Bill tossed away decades of empathy with Black America by going full-bore racist in his desire to anything, everything, whatever to beat Barack Obama.

And, this again, is why I loathe the Clintons. They are so fucking out-of-control tone deaf that they hand foot after foot of rope to their own enemies, and ours.

Your blogger has reluctantly concluded that Hillary better win the nomination and the November election. But with every piece of news about the $3/4-million from Goldman Sachs and the refusal to release transcripts, with every attack on young women who are thinking for themselves, with every assault on Bernie Sanders’ character, I look at the abyss on one side and Hillary Clinton on the other, and the abyss looks more and more attractive.

Apart from the Bushes, there is not a family in America that deserves to lose every election, every single day, than the abhorrent Clintons.

©2016 Keith Berner

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One Comment on “02.09.16 The big dawg escapes the pound and loses his muzzle”

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