02.03.16 David Trone introduces dirty tricks to MD-8 congressional campaign

Well, it didn’t take long for big-money wine dealer David Trone to bring the worst of politics-as-usual to the important race to succeed Chris Van Hollen as our member of Congress. Yesterday, Jamie Raskin’s and Kathleen Matthews’s campaigns independently busted Trone spies who were pretending to be volunteers for them. (For more details, see today’s Washington Post.) Of course, Trone blamed and fired three staffers, accused them of youthful indescretion, and denied any advance knowledge of the Nixonesque scheme. If you believe that multiple Trone paid staffers came up with this themselves and not under Trone’s direct instructions, I have some land to sell you in the Everglades.

It’s bad enough that Trone has jumped into the race with an intent to purchase a seat in Congress. He has shown his true colors within days of his disruptive entrance.

MD-8 voters need to send a clear message that David Trone’s brand of politics is not welcome here.

©2016 Keith Berner


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2 Comments on “02.03.16 David Trone introduces dirty tricks to MD-8 congressional campaign”

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  2. […] 02.03.16 David Trone introduces dirty tricks to MD-8 congressional campaign […]


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