04.15.15 You’ll have to vote for Hillary (sorry!)

If you are are in  red or purple state, you don’t get to vote your conscience (or sit on the sidelines) in November 2016. Sure, there is lots to abhor about the Clintons, but the contrast between Democrats (disappointing as they are) and the GOP has become a deep chasm. Since I live in Maryland, I am comfortable declaring that HRC won’t get my vote in the spring or the fall. But if I were in Ohio or Maine or Virginia, I would not have that luxury.

Progressive hero (and Nobel-prize winner) Paul Krugman makes an eloquent case in the New York Times for stopping the GOP, regardless of what one thinks of the Democratic nominee:

As we head into 2016, each party is quite unified on major policy issues — and these unified positions are very far from each other. The huge, substantive gulf between the parties will be reflected in the policy positions of whomever they nominate, and will almost surely be reflected in the actual policies adopted by whoever wins.

For example, any Democrat would, if elected, seek to maintain the basic U.S. social insurance programs — Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid — in essentially their current form, while also preserving and extending the Affordable Care Act. Any Republican would seek to destroy Obamacare, make deep cuts in Medicaid, and probably try to convert Medicare into a voucher system . . . And any Democrat would try to move forward on climate policy, through executive action if necessary, while any Republican — whether or not he is an outright climate-science denialist — would block efforts to limit greenhouse gas emissions . . .The differences between the parties are so clear and dramatic that it’s hard to see how anyone who has been paying attention could be undecided even now, or be induced to change his or her mind between now and the election.

One thing is for sure: American voters will be getting a real choice. May the best party win. [emphasis mine]

Among the things Krugman neglects in his otherwise outstanding piece is the courts. Can you imagine Scott Walker’s, Ted Cruz’s, or even the (supposedly moderate) Jeb Bush’s court appointments? Even without all the other policy differences between the parties, preventing further right-wing radicalization of the courts across the country (not just the Supreme Court) should make every Naderite and Green vote Democratic in November.

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5 Comments on “04.15.15 You’ll have to vote for Hillary (sorry!)”

  1. rsnipper Says:

    Sad but true. In addition, we will have to work for HRC, not just vote for her. She won’t win without a LOT of effort by every person who agrees with this. Make no mistake, it will be an uphill battle for HRC to win.

    I know I will have to swallow hard to work for her, but I will do it.



    • Keith Berner Says:

      Nice to hear from you, Reuben!

      Swallowing hard. Yeah. It would take a lot for me support HRC actively. But if it looks like a GOP monstrosity has a chance, I guess I’ll join you. That still won’t make me vote for her in deep blue Maryland!

      Meanwhile, my brother (who, though Green, always votes for the Dem nominee in November) is accusing me of being a Wall St corporate sellout and a writer fit for Time Magazine, just for saying that her nomination is inevitable and discussing what will have to happen in November.

      I’m all for working for a true progressive in the primaries (will Martin O’Malley be the only option?), but life presents reality. We mortals have to deal with it.


  2. Betsy Broughton Says:

    I won’t vote for her under any circumstances. Didn’t vote for him. Won’t vote for her. The dems will prove their capacity for self destruction if she is nominated. She’s reprehensible in every way. I’ll vote for my cat.


  3. Keith Berner Says:

    I’m glad you’re in Maryland, Betsy. I’m glad I am, too.


  4. […] those seeking to catch this blogger for inconsistency will ask, “What about your telling us recently that we will have to vote for the Pretender in November 2016″? That was your blogger as […]


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