06.15.14 Is Darian Unger really so grassroots?

When I last mentioned Darian Unger (candidate for MD District 20 delegate) a few days ago, it was to praise his small-dollars grassroots campaign, in which he made a virtue of his limited funds with his clever (and small) postcards. At that point, I had received exactly three postcards from his campaign. Well, in the past five days, I have experienced a veritable deluge of postcards — five! — from Unger, none of which is clever in the least.

Ok, the guy wants to win and apparently found himself with more money than he knew what to do with as the campaign was winding down. I just wonder whether much of his allure — his essential brand — was about being the underfunded underdog. Has he made a mistake here, becoming just another politician? The very fact that I’m posing this question suggests that Unger may be overplaying his hand.

Note: I am not criticizing Unger’s number of mailings, per se. After all, Jonathan Shurberg — whom I have endorsed — has probably single-handedly wiped out an entire forest with his barrage of mail. What I’m suggesting is that Unger may be showing himself not to be what he claims to be or may just be making choices that undermines his own message.

What do you think, Dear Readers?

©2014 Keith Berner

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