06.02.14 Not for Hillary Clinton

Clinton won’t get my vote in 2016:

  1. She’s a hawk. Clinton was an outspoken cheerleader for the Iraq War and still advocates a military-first foreign policy.
  2. She’s a civil liberties enemy, having sought on several occasions to criminalize flag burning.
  3. She’s Wall Street.
  4. Hill & Bill ran a racist 2008 primary campaign in South Carolina and spent the rest of that spring stoking white working class resentment. This, from people who had spent decades working for racial justice — all tossed aside in a momently pursuit of power.

Watch for Clinton to sound populous notes during primary season 2016. Watch for her to tack heavily Wall Street in the fall.

I swore a couple of years ago that I would never again vote for center-right presidential candidates in Democratic primaries  and — as a Marylander, whose state is solid blue — I won’t vote for them in November, either. (This is not recommended behavior for those of you in Ohio and Virginia!)

Bernie Sanders, anyone? (see Dan Balz in May 17th’s Washington Post)?  

©2014 Keith Berner

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One Comment on “06.02.14 Not for Hillary Clinton”

  1. Betsy Broughton Says:

    So good to read someone who grasps the reality of this pair. I worked on capitol hill for a non-profit during Bill’s reign and watched Hillary sell out a national health plan to the insurance ceo’s. I wouldn’t vote for her if I was drunk, stupid and venal. That pair are a toxic twosome.


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