05.27.14 Meet Beth Daly – At-Large County Council Candidate – June 1

We are excited to be hosting county council at-large candidate Beth Daly at our house on Sunday, June 1, 5-7pm, with special guest, County Councilman Marc Elrich. (For address and phone number, write to lefthandview@kberner.us)

This is not a fundraiser — you are welcome to support Daly’s campaign—but checks are not required. Come and hear Daly’s vision for a more progressive and transparent style of politics.

Here’s what I wrote a couple of weeks ago:

Beth is a picture of courageous activism, from her fight to protect Ten Mile Creek against outlet malls, to her commitment to affordable housing and tenants’ rights.

And here’s the thing: Daly is the whole package. She has energy, warmth, an ability to connect with voters, and public speaking skills. She knows the issues, is comfortable with statistics, and has managed budgets. One senses in Beth Daly a great progressive leader in the making. That is, if we put her on county council now, we’ll be admiring her work for years to come.

Daly promises to be a partner to Local Hero Marc Elrich on council. Where Marc often can’t get a second to discuss sensible land-use policy or real traffic and school-population tests for planned development, Daly will force these kinds of issues onto the table.

Please join us on June 1 to find out why we are so excited about Beth Daly.

RSVPs are appreciated, but not required.

For address and phone number, write to lefthandview@kberner.us

Keith Berner & Marty Ittner


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4 Comments on “05.27.14 Meet Beth Daly – At-Large County Council Candidate – June 1”

  1. Joe in SS Says:

    I met Beth ever so briefly. That was because she decided to blow off the CSG at-large candidates forum for a Takoma Park fundraiser, and come cruising in, throwing her hands in the air, telling people that she was stuck in traffic getting there (90 minutes late, ~2-3 miles away – even MoCo isn’t that bad.)
    I am always wary of the real estate agent/kindergarten teacher persona where you’re bubbly and everyone’s friend. Some people follow that up that energy with unbelievable knowledge, and I am hooked, others lie thru the smiles, like in this case (JUST SAY YOU HAD A COMMITMENT, don’t blame it on traffic and make a joke out of it!), and are off my list for good.
    I’ve seen her supporters at the local meetings – they’re the baby boomer NIMBY and the BANANA (build absolutely nothing anywhere near anything) types – we can’t have the Purple Line because it will destroy my petunias on Wayne Avenue. They scare me. This candidacy scares me.
    That is all.


    • Keith Berner Says:

      Wow, Joe — you and I are sure scared by different things. I’m scared by politicians who are 13th-century theocrats, in thrall to giant corporations, want to pave our county, have their hands in the public trough. You’re scared by a progressive driven by a desire to create a more just and sustainable community. FWIW, I don’t like NIMBYs either and I’m 100% pro Purple Line. I’m also 100% pro Beth Daly.


      • joe in ss Says:

        It’s not that… all (okay, almost all) of the candidates play the progressive card, to the extent that it’s become a drinking game in the candidate forums. I just don’t appreciate being lied to my face by a candidate that has no (legislative) voting record, because that’s all we’ve got to go on.
        In fairness, I don’t like being lied to by incumbents either, but it’s a lot easier to (deservedly) call them out because they have votes on the record for voters to weigh.


      • Keith Berner Says:

        I get where you’re coming from Joe. It certainly sounds like Daly blew it at that one event.


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