12.14.12 It harder to vote in this country than it is to acquire and use a firearm

Sportsmen’s “rights” are not worth a single innocent life, period.

Assault weapons, armor-piercing bullets, automatic and semi-automatic weapons have nothing to do with home self-defense.*

Meaningful waiting periods with serious background checks and without loopholes do not threaten home self-defense.*

The NRA owns the entire GOP — lock, stock, and barrel — and a plurality of Democrats, as well.

We will now see if Barack Obama has any moral fiber in him whatsoever. Because, gun violence is now THE most pressing issue facing our country. If the president cannot lead on this, what is the point of the presidency?

*I find home-defense arguments for private gun ownership to be ludicrous, because guns at home are much more likely to be used against those we know than against intruders. But I accept that taking away all those pistols in dresser drawers just ain’t gonna happen.

©2012 Keith Berner

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2 Comments on “12.14.12 It harder to vote in this country than it is to acquire and use a firearm”

  1. James Says:

    You are wrong on every level and your first statement is a lie.
    If I were a criminal I would give you a big sloppy kiss, then rob you blind.


    • Keith Berner Says:

      Hmmm. Does your proclaiming I’m wrong make me wrong? As for my first statement (that sportsmen’s “rights” are not worth a single innocent life), that is an opinion. An opinion, cannot ipso facto be a lie, though facts cited in support of an opinion could be. As for my central thesis in this post, it may be deemed an exaggeration, since I say “in this country,” rather than in parts of this country. But it is a fact that in many parts of this country, the GOP has been fighting tooth and nail to make voting more difficult, while it has also fought everywhere that it has power to remove all obstacles to gun ownership. So, I may have to register to vote weeks in advance, at a prescribed location, and then have to present ID when I vote, while I can walk into a gun show and make my purchase on the spot with no requirements at all.


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