03.11.11 Sierra Club Pollutes – Don’t Contribute

We used to be avid supporters of the Sierra Club. We withdrew our support from the organization two years ago, when we were subject to a deluge of junk mail at a volume I have never seen from any nonprofit organization (as many as three pieces per week).  What’s worse, our myriad efforts to stop the flow of garbage — contacting them by phone, email, web form, and fax — went completely unheeded.  For some time last year, they actually stopped sending the junk, but it resumed a couple of weeks ago.

There are a ton of good environmental organizations out there that do NOT pollute through junk mail and that respect stakeholders’ wishes. There is no reason to support a so-called environmental organization that behaves otherwise. (Note: I have been a nonprofit executive and understand the need for good causes to solicit funds through direct mail. At issue here is the sheer quantity and the organization’s steadfast refusal to honor requests to stop.)

Here are some of the other organizations I have been proud to support that are much better environmental citizens than Sierra Club:

  • Audobon Society
  • Chesapeake Climate Action Network (though, now that Takoma Parker and CCAN leader Mike Tidwell is regularly in the news telling people not to bother taking small steps to save energy and — more recently — to buy guns to prepare for climate-induced food riots, we might want to rethink this one)
  • Conservation Fund
  • Earth Justice
  • Environmental Defense Fund
  • Friends of the Earth
  • Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Rainforest Alliance
  • Resources for the Future
  • Union of Concerned Scientists

There are plenty more.  See charitynavigator.org and guidestar.org for information about and ratings of nonprofit organizations.

Please vote with your dollars, by redirecting your contributions from the Sierra Club to one or more of the above organizations. Better yet, drop a note to the following people at Sierra Club to let them know you’re doing so:

©2011 Keith Berner

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2 Comments on “03.11.11 Sierra Club Pollutes – Don’t Contribute”

  1. H.K. Says:

    Add another one to the list: the Rachel Carson Council.

    As far as non-profits go, it is an excellent one. The RCC helps individuals seeking advice on pesticide toxicity issues and low-risk methods of dealing with household pests, lawn care etc.


  2. […] is not the first time Sierra Club has disgusted me. In 2011, I wrote about how they deluged me with postal pollution because I made the mistake of supporting them financially. Check out that post for a partial list […]


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