12.10.10 Evil & Betrayal

I’m examining my overwhelming feeling of rage against President Obama and the Democrats.

After all, it isn’t they who came up with the idea of putting the country in hock and stealing from the poor so that the ultra-wealthy could be even wealthier.  That idea is inherently evil, made more so by the lack of even theoretical claims (however misguided) that this radical redistribution might provide some benefit to the overall economy.  (In case you haven’t been following the analysis, giving more money to the ultra-wealthy doesn’t produce any stimulative effect on the economy, because the ultra-wealthy already have all the cash they need and won’t spend any extra influx, like the poor and middle class would.  And it is spending – not saving – that will create jobs and stabilize the economy.)

The full-time commitment to serve the wealthy and only the wealthy — as the highest priority in the land — was invented by the GOP and is nearly wholly owned by them (with some so-called “moderate” Dems joining in).  The GOP is evil from top to bottom and in between.

So why is my anger at the Dems often so much more palpable to me?

It’s like my feelings about Israel.  It would be very had to make an objective case that Israel ranks at the top of countries in terms of mistreatment of minorities, human rights abuses, and illegal hegemonistic agression towards its neighbors.  But my outrage about Israel is so much more present in my consciousness than is my anger at China or Russia (for example).  Partly, of course, this is because my tax dollars are paying for Israeli crimes.

But there’s something else at play here:  I expect Israel — supposed democracy, home to “my” people — to be better than that.  I’m also so overwhelmed by the magnitude of evil perpetrated by China and Russia — and by the shear size of those countries — that I can’t grasp it in my little brain.  My utter helplessness and hopelessness in the face of big evil makes me shove it out of my consciousness.

Back to US politics.  I expect — I need better from the Democrats.  It is a simple, immutable, HUGE fact of life that Republicans are evil.  It is Democrats who are supposed to stop them.

I’m realizing as I type this: betrayal is what sets off my very present, very conscious fury.  And I am furious with Obama and the Democrats again.  As usual.   These fucking idiots – these weak, cowardly, incompetent Democrats – consistently hand the rope to hang us to those who certainly will.  Giving away the store before negotiations have begun.  Failing to make clear convincing arguments to the American people.  Infighting.  Self-hatred.  Fearing shadows.

How bad is it?  Bad enough that Commander-in-Sellout, Barack Obama – the man who can speechify when it comes to campaigning but can’t say a coherent, persuasive, progressive word in office – has turned on us.  This utter failure as president has the gall to call progressives “sanctimonius”?!  With friends like this . . .

But, of course, Obama isn’t our friend.  Neither was Bill Clinton, whose own failures and flaws led to the GOP wave of 2004 and then spent the rest of his term pitching right-wing ideas and just plain enjoying the company of reactionaries better than that of liberals.

Of course, the reality is that Democratic betrayal is as expected and immutable as GOP evil.  Maybe I’d be better off trying to shove the Dems out of my consciousness.  But, then where would I turn?

Answer: nowhere.  Hanging on to the constant betrayers is all I have in this godforsaken political system.  It’s just extremely hard to hold on to any hope at all when betrayal is the best one can hope for.

©2010 Keith Berner

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5 Comments on “12.10.10 Evil & Betrayal”

  1. jerry berner Says:

    I agree with your blog position. The unemployed and middle class were indeed being held hostage by the republicans. Though I think that Obama’s capitulation will pass I admire Bernie Sanders (and some other principled souls)for his efforts to let the others in the Senate know how obscene the whole process is. However, even if these stalwart few are able to obstruct this “compromise” the Republicans will probably repass it when the new Congress convenes.But at least the Democrats will not have betrayed their principles.


    • Keith Berner Says:

      Oh no — the Dems either have no principles or abandoned them long ago. It would be more proper to say that *some* Dems — like Bernie Sanders — are principled and articulate. If the party as a whole were like Bernie Sanders, we wouldn’t be in this mess. But, alas, the American people — in their ignorance and (yes) evil — don’t vote for many Bernie Sanderses.


  2. woody brosnan Says:

    See Colbert King column this morning. I hate seeing the rich keep their tax breaks . . . almost as much as I hate the idea of the poor and the middle class losing theirs.


    • Keith Berner Says:

      Well said, Woody. I see your point — and Colbert King’s. I took the equivalent position when the very flawed health care bill was up for consideration: I opposed the liberal purists that time (and they eventually came aboard), because it was the best bill that was also achievable. Seeing that people like Larry Mishel of Economic Policy Institute are supporting the tax bill gives me pause. Maybe it is for the best that this abomination pass. My rage and feeling of hopelessness remain, either way.


  3. Seth Berner Says:

    Bernie Sanders is NOT a Democrat. Just needed to get that out there. One of the reasons he is not is because he was put in the position of having to filibuster against the Democrats.

    I recently ran for office in Maine as a Green Party candidate. At first I was slightly bothered by my endorsement from the League of Young Voters, but as I thought more I’m proud. They are right that I would not be the consensus builder – I would have stood on the benches in the House Chamber and railed against the tax bills further impoverishing most Maine citizens. Until we commit ourselves to working for as long as possible for candidates who will commit to what is right then we are going to get the Obamas of the world – suave, hip kleptocrats.

    Obama was never, ever progressive during his campaign. I don’t care how often he was held up as such by the media and Move-On and others who value suave and hip over compassionate. 2012 will be a toughy, because running a Dem against Obama will be impossible. But it is not too early for those who think Obama a betrayer to take the pledge to not buy the snake oil in 2014 and work your genitals off for someone who genuinely cares.


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