09.14.10 Martin O’Malley Steps in It

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley endorsed incumbent state senator Mike Lenett’s reelection bid a while back.  Even though one might wonder why the governor would take sides in a primary pitting two ideologically similar candidates against each other (Del. Roger Manno is the challenger), I get the part about the governor automatically endorsing all Democratic senate incumbents.

Well, this morning a member of the county Democratic central committee told me something I didn’t know: O’Malley ran a robocall for Lenett.  Yesterday.  As in after Lenett had launched his nuclear campaign of bigotry and darkness.

What is wrong with this governor?  Not only does he lack the moral sense to toss the bigot under a bus;  he also lacks the common political sense to just stay out of it when his ally has gone off the deep end.  And this is who anti-Republicans (in the face of this behavior I’m reminded why I shudder to call myself a “Democrat”) will have to hold their noses and vote for in November.

Shame on Martin O’Malley.

©2010 Keith Berner

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3 Comments on “09.14.10 Martin O’Malley Steps in It”

  1. B.Broughton Says:

    Umm, my estimation is O’Malley is that he is of the same school of political hackery that brought us the likes of Doug “Can I sell you a county” Duncan and Ike “Going to the highest bidder”Legget.

    There is no true advocacy, policy, sincerity or guts. It’s the same old club with less belly and fewer chins. Voting is becoming a job of winnowing out all the crap to find a few true gems I can vote for without feeling ashamed.


  2. Ken Firestone Says:

    Remember,” shit is better than toxic waste”. Imgoth.


  3. […] (with the exception of Doug Duncan, whom I’m otherwise no fan of) about what Lenett did. As I wrote yesterday, it is particularly upsetting that Gov. Martin O’Malley apparently was robocalling on Lenett’s […]


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