09.13.10 The Post Does It Again

Yesterday, the Washington Post ran an excellent mea culpa by the ombudsman, Andrew Alexander, about the abysmal state of the paper’s Maryland political coverage.  It’s only last week that I criticized the Post for writing a puff piece about the MoCo Council District 2 race in which staff writer Michael Laris completely ignored one of the three major candidates: Sharon Dooley.  The Post was kind enough to run my criticism on their “All Opinions Are Local” website.  Fat lot of good that did.  You see, the Post repeated the exact same error today!  Just take a look at Item 5 on First Click Maryland’s (disgustingly superficial) election-final today.  Yep: Sharon Dooley simply doesn’t exist.

My theory is that this isn’t utter incompetence, but rather editorial policy spilling over to reportage.  In 2006, the Post banned mention of Marc Elrich’s name from their newspaper, because he wasn’t owned by the development industry.  This year, the honor has gone to Dooley, who has the gall not to support full-county sprawl.

I have passed my views on the ombudsman, because his work to improve his employer’s product is clearly far from over.

©2010 Keith Berner

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3 Comments on “09.13.10 The Post Does It Again”

  1. B.Broughton Says:

    There is a reason it’s known as the Washington ComPost. Their editorial policies have always been determinedly myopic when it comes to anyone outside the narrow confines of upper middle class liberalism. Combine their execrable writing with their self aggrandizing class conformity and you end up with a pile of shit. Therewith the nickname.


  2. Ken Firestone Says:

    The Post has been doing this since the 1960s, maybe longer.


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