09.10.10 The FOP Call to Investigate Trachtenberg

Maryland Politics Watch and the Montgomery Gazette are reporting on a call by the Fraternal Order of Police to have Duchy Trachtenberg investigated for alleged financial improprieties when she was treasurer of Maryland NOW, a post she left late last year.

As a citizen and blogger, I share concern about a mysterious event in the councilwoman’s recent past.  The little news that has come out is tantalizing and one must wonder what really happened before Trachtenberg and NOW forged an apparent silence pact regarding the matter.

Just the same, the FOP’s letter to Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler on the eve of the election stinks to high heaven.  As if FOP gives a shit about NOW and its finances!  This is pure political grandstanding by a union opposed to Trachtenberg’s positions on pay for the public employee unions.  Obviously, well meaning folks can disagree on whether austerity for all in troubled times ought to apply to police and others.  I happen to think it should.  FOP thinks not.  In that case, let FOP go after Trachtenberg for her policies (as they and other unions have been doing).  Their letter to Gansler makes them look venal and distracts both from a constructive policy debate on union pay scales and from an serious look at what happened with NOW finances.

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One Comment on “09.10.10 The FOP Call to Investigate Trachtenberg”

  1. […] happens with the mystery surrounding her departure from the National Organization for Women. As blatantly political as the last-minute publicity surrounding this potential scandal was, I have to believe there is some “there” there. With Trachtenberg’s loss, will this matter […]


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