09.10.10 Lenett the Fear-Monger, Lenett the Bigot

In a tight race between two candidates of similar politics, Maryland District 19 incumbent Senator Mike Lenett has gone where only the most shameless GOP race-baiters gather.  Desperate to hold off a serious challenge from Roger Manno, currently a D-19 delegate, Lenett is riffing on the fact that Manno’s legal first name used to be “Rajah.”  Just in case the implication that Manno is a (gasp!) Muslim out to undermine the American way of life isn’t clear enough, take a look at the graphic from Lenett’s latest mailer:

What an uncanny resemblance the rendering of Manno’s former first name has to a terrorist demand letter!

I have not followed Lenett or Manno closely before now, beyond knowing that they have generally good records in Annapolis and that progressives with more detailed knowledge are backing Manno.  With Lenett’s descent into darkness, though, I need no further information about him to know he must be beaten.

I call on all District 19 voters to reject, resoundingly, fear-mongering and racism.  In fact, all Marylanders should denounce Lenett and make clear that his behavior is completely unwelcome here.

Vote for Roger Manno on Tuesday to make abundantly clear that Mike Lenett’s politics and way of thinking have no place in Maryland.


Credit to Maryland Politics Watch for publicizing this issue and to Jonathan Shurberg and Allan Licthman (see the comment on the MPW post) for highlighting the danger in Lenett’s messaging. My intent here is not to rip off their content, but rather to spread knowledge of the important issue they have raised.

©2010 Keith Berner

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