08.27.10 In which your Blogger takes on an added challenge

I’m rather excited to let you know, dear reader, of an event that effects us both.  (Drum roll, please.)  Beginning this week, I am a member of the Washington Post’s Local Blog Network (the link will take you to an announcement of three new bloggers, inculding yours truly; if you scroll down the page, you’ll see my photo and bio).

From now until I become sufficiently renowned to charge gazillions for my content, I’ll be submitting one blog post per week to the Post.  They’ll run the piece on their website and I’ll cross-post it here.  Sometimes, the Post will grab an additional piece or two that appears here first.  And, from time to time, they’ll run me in the Sunday newspaper.

Though Left-Hand View has covered  things local to international, my commission from the Post is local only (i.e., mostly the Montgomery County and Maryland scene).  You may have noticed in recent weeks that I have been scaling up the proportion of my content fitting that bill — I started doing so as soon as the Post reached out to me, so that I could get in practice.

Apologies to my myriad fans across the globe (that’s a joke!) that so much of what I’m posting these days doesn’t mean a whole lot to you.  I’ll endeavor to keep covering national and international topics of interest, to the extent time allows.

As always (in fact, now more than ever) I welcome your comments on the blog site or by direct email (lefthandview@kberner.us).  I will come up with ways to reward loyal readers who give me good story ideas!

©2010 Keith Berner

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