08.16.10 Progressive Neighbors Endorsements

Progressive Neighbors is a group of activists dedicated to supporting progressive candidates and policies in Maryland and Montgomery County.  The group first published voter guides in 2006 and has just announced its endorsements for the 2010 Democratic primary elections.

Full disclosure: your blogger is a dues-paying member of Progressive Neighbors and took part in the endorsement discussions.

If you are willing to have your name added as a supporter to this year’s Progressive Neighbors voter guide, please send me an email: lefthandview@kberner.us – deadline: asap!

The endorsements:

No endorsements have been made in races not listed.

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2 Comments on “08.16.10 Progressive Neighbors Endorsements”

  1. Brien Kinkel Says:

    Progressive Neighbors’ endorsement of Delegate Roger Manno over incumbent Senator Mike Lenett is unfortunate. Lenett is by far the more effective legislator. On policy, there is virtually no difference between them. Both favor progressive positions. But in the 4 years since they were first elected, Lenett has introduced and passed 27 bills. Manno’s bill total for the same period is 7. In the same period, Delegate Manno has withdrawn 16 of his own bills–removed them from consideration before a vote on them could be taken. During the same period, Lenett withdrew 3.

    A prominent endorser of Manno proclaimed, “It’s amazing how much you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.” However, since a great deal of sustained effort is required to get one’s legislation through the General Assembly to final passage, I must conclude that that kind of slogan is best employed by candidates who haven’t accomplished much.


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