07.23.10 Forward (in Maryland & Australia)

In yesterday’s Washington Post, columnist E. J. Dionne wrote about the Australian Labor Party’s campaign for an August election and how it informs the US Democrats’ messaging. He quoted Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s statement opening the campaign: “This election will revolve around a clear choice: whether we want Australia to move forward or back.”

The forward-or-back choice ought to be a winner for Democrats stateside, as in “do you really want to put back in office the cabal that got us into this rotten mess?!”

And, indeed, that was the overriding theme of the Democratic rally held on the front lawn of Maryland State Delegate (D-20) Heather Mizeur in Takoma Park on the Fourth of July.  Governor Martin O’Malley reminded the adoring crowd of horrors suffered by Marylanders under former governor and current opponent Robert Ehrlich.  Then Senator Ben Cardin led everyone in chanting “forward, not back!”

The timing is uncanny: the Australian campaign launched in July 17, two weeks after the rally in Takoma Park.  I think the Aussie Labor Party ought to be paying Maryland Dems a commission!

But seriously, it seems amazing that O’Malley could be running only a couple of points ahead of Ehrlich in this supposedly solid blue state.  Then I remember my own lack of enthusiasm about this governor, who supports the Maryland’s own highway to nowhere, the ICC (a huge boondoggle and environmental catastrophe) and promotes giveaways to the wealthy in support of religious schools (the infamous BOAST bill, which – fortunately — went down to defeat).

Forward, indeed.  I just wish there were more to be excited about in making this obvious, necessary choice.

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2 Comments on “07.23.10 Forward (in Maryland & Australia)”

  1. Seth Grimes Says:

    In 2002, I voted against Robert Ehrlich rather than for the uninspiring Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. Same situation this year: Go O’Malley! will really mean Stop Ehrlich!


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