05.29.10 Net Neutrality – My Letter in the Post

On May 24, the Washington Post's lead editorial called government action to ensure net neutrality "nonsense."  Here is my reply, published on May 29:

The May 24 editorial “Regulating broadband” argued that “advocates of increased oversight . . . ignore the [Internet service providers’] need to provide good service to keep their customers.” In fact, it is The Post that is ignoring the near-monopoly state of the market. Where customers rarely have more than one or two choices, ISPs can behave with impunity, raising rates, providing lousy support, and — yes — discriminating against content they disfavor. After all, consumers have nowhere else to turn.

Only rigorous government intervention can ensure that Internet service providers serve the public good by maintaining the Internet as a free-flowing marketplace of ideas. And only a free and open Internet can protect our democracy in an age of frightening media consolidation.

Keith Berner, Takoma Park

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