05.25.10 Extremism in Both Parties?

The mainstream media is spinning another one its tall tales, trying as usual to prove that it isn’t liberal.  This season’s flavor?  That both parties are moving to their extremes in our poisoned political culture.

That the GOP is being more and more stone-age Neanderthal in its politics is undeniable, as hard right-wingers like Utah’s Bob Bennet fall because they’re too squishy for their party and Tea Party know-nothings like Rand Paul trounce “mainsteam” party  insiders.  It is nearly unfathomable how far off the deep (right) end the GOP has gone.

So, is the equivalent happening in the Democratic Party?  Hardly.  There, we see a huge increase in pro-gun, anti-choice victories, such as Mark Critz’s for John Murtha’s old seat in Pennsylvania.  (Incidentally, this district is now so conservative, that it is the only one in the country to switch from Kerry in ’04 to McCain in ’08.)

So, while the GOP runs to the right as fast as it can, so do the Dems.  And media,  in the name  of “fair and balanced” reporting (Fox’s tagline), just can’t (or won’t) see it.

Apart of the false portrayal, am I distressed by what happening?  My feelings are mixed.  I do believe that that more extreme the GOP becomes, the less chance it has of gaining power nationally (a good thing!); though, at the same time it scares the shit out of me that human beings can actually believe the horror the party peddles.

As for the Dems, I have no great love for the Critzes of the world.  But I also know that a big-tent Democratic Party including them stays in control in the House and Senate and has better odds of garnering independents’ votes for president (a good thing!).  Of course, this is the party that can’t coalesce around message or policy, consistently sells out to corporate interests, and is allergic to progressive solutions.

Half-full or half-empty?  What do you think?

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