04.22.10 Corporate Internet Control Is Like Chinese Censorship

Sorry to beat a dead horse, but the more I think about this, the more important I think it is.  The New York Times’s lead editorial on Monday was on this topic.  They’re certainly on the correct side of the issue, but I’m not sure they see the urgency in the same way I do.  Here’s the letter I sent them (I haven’t heard anything back, so I assume they’re not going to print it, but that’s ok).

To the Editors:
In an era of media consolidation and codified corporate dominance of elections (cf, Citizens United), a free internet is essential to our democracy.  Control by a small number of giant corporations over what Americans can say and read will be no less chilling than the outright censorship we are used to condemning in countries like China.  We cannot trust Comcast any more than the FBI to decide on our behalf what is worthy of sharing.  Only unfettered access to the free flow of ideas — some of which may be extreme and unpopular — can preserve the spirit of the First Amendment, assuring the open debate that has so enriched our culture and politics since our founding.
Keith Berner

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