04.11.10 Urgent Action Needed to Stop BOAST Bill in MD


I have just received a call from Dr. Dana Beyer, candidate for the Maryland House of Delegates D-18, tellng me that the BOAST Bill has been given new life by the Education Committee.  Its fate now rests with the Ways & Means Committee, headed up by D-20’s own Del. Sheila Hixon.  If you have Sheila’s home phone number, call her there.  Otherwise, call her tomorrow morning at her Annapolis office: 1-800-492-7122, ext. 3469 (Sheila.Hixson.Annapolis@house.state.md.us).

When I contacted Sheila about this bill about a week and a half ago, she hid behind the fact that, as chair, she doesn’t vote on bills before the committee. But she is one of the most powerful people in Maryland government — she has the power to stop this horrific giveaway to the wealthy and attack on separation of church and state.  Do not let her off the hook!

According to Dana, the other person to contact is Gov. Martin O’Malley’s chief legislative aide: Joseph Bryce: (410) 974-3336.

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