04.08.10 Shameless Plug for My New Technology Blog

I have launched a new blog, KBTechTips – Tech Insight for Non Geeks, where I’ll be publishing tips and “news you can use” in non-jargon-filled language.  Here’s my “about” statement for the new blog:

My day job is “IT projects manager” for IREX, an international development NGO.  I’m the only dedicated IT staff for the IREX HQ, in Washington, DC, even though I’m not really an IT professional.  ”How’s that?” you ask, and rightly so.

At a cocktail party, I’m a geek.  Among geeks, I’m a nOObie (geek speak for for “nongeek”).  I know the language, you see, but I’m not really of them.  It’s sort of like living abroad (which I’ve done): I can understand the language and culture, I can speak (with an accent), and I am pretty good at explaining the place to visitors.

In my job, I hire and oversee the outsourced rocket scientists and coders.  I give them the strategic picture and guide their work. And I translate my colleagues’ needs and aspirations to Geeklish.  The hopeful result is that we all end up happy in the sandbox,with tools that enhance the work of the organization and technologists who are satisfied with a job well done (not to mention some pay in their pocket).

And that gets me to this blog.  Without being able to do what the real geeks do, I get what it’s all about.  And I’m also the cultural translator who gets you (with “you” being nontechies who want to understand how to get the most out of their gadgets, stay safe, and not fall too far behind the bow curve of tech advances.)  My intent is provide news you can use in a language that makes sense to you.

In this blog, I will mostly reproduce content from others.  In that way, I’m an editor, following many information streams and selecting among them, for your benefit (and to relieve you of the burden of having to read it all yourself).  I will probably focus heavily on the Apple world (Mac, iPhone, iPad), because those are my favorite gadgets.  But I’ll include whatever else tickles my fancy.

You can also use this blog as an advice column.  Please post questions on the site or email me directly (tech@kberner.us).  I don’t promise to have answers to every question, but I almost certainly have a strategy for finding those answers.

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2 Comments on “04.08.10 Shameless Plug for My New Technology Blog”

  1. Jerry Berner Says:

    Hi Keith,


  2. Jerry Berner Says:

    Hi Keith,
    I admire your new blog venture. I guess that there are lots of non-techies (such as me) who really do need non-jargon explanation of things that are happening in the IT world. Hope that you can help us.
    For example, the recent decision involving the regulatory role of the FCC in monitoring (?controlling) cyberspace,or internet or bandwidth (what that means). Please explain. Thanks.


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