03.27.10 John McCain Reaches New Low

Today’s Washington Post features a front-page picture of John McCain with his rediscovered pal, Sarah Palin.

Ol' Buddies

McCain needs Palin to help fend off a rightwing challenger.

Remember when some of us progressives were infatuated with McCain as he challenged W in the 2000 presidential primaries?  Speaking for myself, I was never deluded into thinking he and I agreed on more than a couple of policy issues.  But his candor and seeming integrity were captivating for that brief moment in time.  It’s all gone.

Early last week, McCain became a ringleader for the GOPs temper tantrum about health care reform, announcing, “there will be no cooperation for the rest of the year” from congressional Republicans.  (As if there had been any for the previous 14 months, eh?)  Now he’s back to hanging around the extremist nut-job he wanted to put a heartbeat from the presidency, the Tea Party cheerleader and quitter from Alaska, Sarah Palin.  You’d think that being in such company once would have made him once-burned-twice-shy.  But you’d be wrong.  The extremism of the GOP is such that McCain actually needs Palin to burnish his wingnut bona fides as he seeks to retain his Senate seat in the face of a challenger from winnuttier former congressman J. D. Hayworth.

As for McCain’s old maverick stands on climate change, immigration reform, and (yes) health care reform, they’re nowhere to be seen.  Sadly, it is not unusual to see politicians of both parties sell their souls to maintain their grip on power.  This man has done so as publicly and shamelessly as anyone.

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