03.21.10 Reviving Left-Hand View

Q: Where have I been for the past 10 months?

A: So disgusted and disillusioned that I couldn’t bring myself to write about anything policital.

Q: What has changed now?

A: I’ve been quietly re-finding my voice.  I’ve done a little posting on Facebook.  I’ve gotten a couple of pieces in the Washington Post (see here and here).  I’ve been tweeting (@kberner) on nonprofit technology issues.  And I’ve started a blog on iPhone tips.

These outlets have been satisfying, in their own ways.  But none (other then the Washington Post) is the right venue for political ideas and opinions.  (I purposely don’t mix political opinions with my technology posts and tweets, because those are my professional voice — as a creator of IT policy and strategy for a non-political international development NGO.)

So, I’m back to Left-Hand View.  I think this will be a different blog than when I left it last May.  I’m likely to post fewer original essays and do more of passing along others’ news and opinions, with a bit of my own commentary thrown in.  I’m also a bit less likely to focus exclusively on politics: I’m fascinated by my professional work on technology and can’t imagine not including some of that here.  Finally, I probably will post less often that I did before: we are all overwhelmed with incoming information and I don’t need to add to the flood on a pre-set schedule.

So, I welcome myself — and you — back.  As always, your feedback is welcome!

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