03.21.10 Final Holdouts Come Over

At this hour, it appears that the anti-choice holdouts in the Democratic Party have gotten on board and the ugly, ugly health “reform” is on its way to passage.  I want this monstrosity to pass. Though it is a giant payday for big insurance and big pharma, it is also the ticket to reliable insurance for millions of Americans.

It came down to this bill vs. nothing, not this bill vs. the ideal bill.  Progressives and, ultimately, some principled (if wrong) Catholics had to accept that fundamental fact.  And all of them — all of us — owed this to those millions of Americans.  You cannot hold the good hostage to the perfect on the backs of those who have nothing.  You just can’t do it!

One little irony:  two of the final Democratic holdouts hail from the western Cleveland and suburbs: Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), the lefty, and Marcy Kaptur (D-OH), the (otherwise liberal) Catholic.  This is, of course, of particular interest to your blogger, who grew up around that part of the world.

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2 Comments on “03.21.10 Final Holdouts Come Over”

  1. Jerry Berner Says:

    Glad to see that Left Hand View has returned.
    I was very interested in the tortuous process of theHealth Care Reform bill. Though it was not what we would have liked it certainly was necessary that it be passed rasther than have no bill at all. I am glad that Dennis and Marcy finally came around to supporting the bill (for very different reasons). I particularly admired those Democrats who supported it even if it meant that they might be risking their own re-election prospects in November. This further reinforced our observation that the Republicans are nothing but OBSTRUCTIONISTS. I have the wish that some of them might suffer re-election defeats in November. I am pleased that our President finaslly became very active in the process of helping to fashion the bill and working very hard for its passage. I strongly feel that its benefits far outweigh some of its negative aspects. This is an historic occasion for social welfare. THe Senate better not let us down in passing the reconciliation features. That maneuver was a brilliant way to salvage all of the work on this legislation following the Brown victory in Mass.


  2. Stan Says:

    Happy you’re back in the saddle. We like when you shake things up. Now can we please move onto the second biggest, meanest and fattest gorilla in the room–the banking cartel. I understand that now that they have all our money nothing has changed from the disastrous policies of two years ago. It sounds like Dodds bill goes woefully short of any meaningful change. In other words, we are heading for the brink again. Any thoughts?


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