04.03.09 Good Guys

Among the hordes of bad guys, we’re blessed three highly ethical, principled politicians here in Montgomery County.

I have been writing a lot recently about all the bad guys in politics.  Not wanting to focus only on the negative, it is appropriate for me to cite the rare rays of hope amongst the general despair.

State Senator Jamie Raskin, as well as County Councilmembers Phil Andrews and Marc Elrich, deserve accolades for their extraordinary commitment to doing the right thing.  This is not to say that I always agree with the decisions these three politicians make or that ego plays no part in their pursuit of office and performance in it.  (How many of us “civilians” could claim that nothing we do is at least somewhat about ego gratification?)  It is merely to point out that that Jamie, Marc, and Phil are not primarily driven by service to self.

I have special respect in life for those who seek to leave the world a better place than they found it.  Having gotten to know Jamie, Marc, and Phil very well personally, I can see that this is the primary motivation for their lives in politics (and outside the public arena, too).  No other politicians I know personally, or follow closely, come close in this measure.

Of course, I don’t know every area politician well.  And, I might well have misread the character of some I follow, but don’t get to interact with closely.   So, Dear Reader, I invite you to nominate some public servants you think deserve special recognition.

PS. It is interesting to note that two of my good guys, Marc and Phil, are among only three current county members who have not endorsed in that awful District 4 race.  Good for them (and us)!

©2009 Keith Berner


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One Comment on “04.03.09 Good Guys”

  1. Stan Barouh Says:

    Tip of the iceberg my friend.
    Thanks for sharing.


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