03.22.09 Montgomery County Council District 4

I told a friend the other day that I was going to abstain from writing anything about the upcoming special election because I had nothing good to say.  After all, one of the front-runners is Ben Kramer, a developer who led the effort to defeat the “millionaires tax” a year ago.  The other one is school-board chair Nancy Navarro – ardently pro-union (which is not always a good thing in this county) and heavily funded herself by developers.

Well, if there were any temptation at all to support Navarro, it should be dispelled by a Navarro-campaign press release of March 20, which announces the support of four county council members.  Three of them are the rump remains of the discredited hyper-pro-development “Anti-Gridlock” county council of 2002: Nancy (“If it ain’t paved, it ain’t worth it”) Floreen, Mike Knapp, and George Leventhal.  The fourth is Valerie Ervin, who purposely misled slow-growth progressives into supporting her in 2006, only to turn on them viciously once she was elected.

There are a bunch more candidates in this completely unsavory race, but none of them appears able to win.  If I lived in District 4, I would cast an enthusiastic vote for “Can’t We Do Better Than This?”

(c) 2009 Keith Berner

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