11.4.08 Predictions

Electoral Votes:

  • Obama – 338 (incl. Ohio and Florida)
  • McCain – 197

Popular Votes:

  • Obama – 51.75%
  • McCain – 46.25%
  • Barr, Nader, et. al. – 2%


  • Dems – 57 (incl. Begich-AK, Franken-MN, Hagan-NC, Shaheen-NH)
  • GOP – 41
  • Other – 2 (Lieberman-CT, Sanders-VT)
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One Comment on “11.4.08 Predictions”

  1. Mark Says:

    Sure hope you are right, Keith.

    Then perhaps we can sing (to tune of Mrs. Robinson): Where have you gone Joseph Lieberman, the party turns its vengeful eyes to you…woo hoo hoo…!


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