10.19.08 McCarthy Redux

What a week.

On Thursday, Sarah Palin let North Carolinians know how much she enjoys visiting the “pro-America” parts of the country.

On Friday, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that Barack and Michelle Obama hold “anti-American views” and called on US media to investigate and publicize which members of Congress are “pro-America or anti-America.”*

On Saturday, McCain senior adviser Nancy Pfotenhauer declared on MSNBC that the campaign is running strong in “real Virginia.”  (Here is a nice new map of the Virginia McCain & Co. imagine.)

Also on Saturday, McCain himself started calling Obama a “socialist,” attacking Obama’s plan increase to taxes on the rich and increase tax credits for the poor poor as a threat to “Joe the Plumber.”  This, despite the fact that McCain’s economic plans also include tax rebates to the poor (though in much smaller amounts and only to make up for loss of health insurance that other parts of plan would cause).  And notwithstanding that that Joe:

  • would get a substantial tax cut under Obama’s plan
  • is not a licensed plumber
  • owes back taxes

Of course, angry white men are now showing up to McCain/Palin rallies carrying plungers and declaring: “I am Joe the Plumber.” (I guess we should be glad they’re not carrying guns or pitchforks.)

In the meantime, the McCain campaign has launched a nationwide robocall* onslaught tying Obama to 1960s terrorism and accusing the Democratic candidate of putting “Hollywood over America.”  (The folks McCain hired to do this happen to be the same ones that helped sink McCain in 2000 by spreading lies about McCain’s having fathered a mix-race child out of wedlock.)

*Here the lovely Bachman interview, including tape of a McCain robocall.

What decade is this?

©2008 Keith Berner


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2 Comments on “10.19.08 McCarthy Redux”

  1. jerry berner Says:

    These are the sick tactics of desperation. These are below street level ; they are working at sewer level. The Plain Dealer endorsed Barama today. We received our absentee ballots and will be mailing them in or delivering them to the Board of Elections this week. Keep up your great blogs.


  2. Leon Morse Says:

    I’ll bet there’s a receipt from Home Depot for 25 toilet plungers somewhere in a McCain field office.

    Indeed, these are sick tactics. Worse, however, the real unfortunate part to the whole “anti-” and “pro-America” BS is that these people are trying to perpetuate ignorance. To them, “pro-America” means anyone who, for whatever reason, will not take part in, and instead decry, an informed, reflective, self-critical discussion about the state of the US–at both an international and national level–and what could be done better (and accounting for what was bolluxed up in the past).

    One strength of our country is diversity of opinion and being able to hold such discussions so that the best policies may be put in place (and knowing when they are not). To me, trying to encourage some sort of orthodoxy of thought is downright un-American. The proponents of that school should be investigated.


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