08.24.08 Stop Slots: What You Can Do

In other slots news, Maryland released this past week the actual language that will be on the ballot in November.  Written by former racetrack lobbyist and current Secretary of State John P. McDonough, the language speaks volumes about how slots will (supposedly) provide a windfall for education.  It just happens to leave out any mention of the $100 million subsidy slated for the horse racing industry.  Both the Baltimore Sun and the Washington Post have editorialized against this misleading language.  Slots opponents are considering filing suit to change it.

The Baltimore Examiner provides the text of the referendum.

To weigh in against the language, contact the State Board of Elections: info@elections.state.md.us / 410-269-2840.

To stop the Montgomery Democratic Party from endorsing the slots referendum (which, as we see from Ike Leggett’s position, is a strong possibility – see previous post): speak out at the Democratic Party’s hearing on ballot questions, September 2, 7:30pm at MCEA headquarters, 60 West Gude Drive, Rockville 20850.  To register to speak, send an email to MontgomeryDems@msn.com, by no later than noon this Tuesday (8/26).

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One Comment on “08.24.08 Stop Slots: What You Can Do”

  1. Leon Morse Says:

    Whoa, hold on a minute. So these are monopoly licenses–one per location–in four counties and Baltimore only? So there is no chance that MC would get them, just the proceeds? No wonder the county exec is for ’em.

    This might be evil cunning in a “not my brother’s keeper” kind of way. Three of the counties are on the fringe: Cecil near Delaware (off of 95 I imagine, and I think there are some slots in Delaware), the beach in Worcester, and the boondocks in Allegany (closer than Charelstown, WV??). If Baltimore and Anne Arundel weren’t in there, might not be the worst thing. However, Anne Arundel already has some sort of video betting; the hotel I stayed at in Chesapeake Beach had some kind of contraptions. I won like $12.


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