08.10.08 Having Dodged the Edwards Bullet

Can you imagine if John Edwards were the (presumptive) nominee right now?  We would be witnessing the complete meltdown of his campaign, amid not only sex scandal, but also the funneling of campaign funds to buy silence.


It’s galling.  Not that the guy cheated on his wife.  Sadly, huge numbers of men and women cheat on their relationship partners.  Ultimately, this “sin” is between the lovers and spouses in question and their deities (if any).

What’s galling is the damage that political men who can’t keep their pants on do to the rest of us.  Hart.  Jackson.  Clinton.  Spitzer.  Edwards.  All these men squandered some or all of their political capital and moral leadership for sex.  All these men sold us out because they were not able to fulfill the progressive vision they owed us.

The political wives in question must consider these guys to be utter scoundrels for very personal reasons.  We, the people, must do so because of their complete political betrayal.

What’s galling is the way these men keep lying, even after they’ve been caught.  John Edwards knew last October that the National Enquirer was onto the story.  Yet, he went on campaigning and lying and paying visits to his erstwhile mistress to get her to shut up.  The best this man could have offered us would have been Bill Clinton II – a complete sellout to the other side based on his own lack of discipline.  Yet he still thought he was so grand that we should choose him as our nominee.

I hope that this will be the last we hear of John Edwards for a very long time to come.  We can just thank our lucky stars that Obama eclipsed him in Iowa and saved us from the terrible fate that Edwards would have subjected us to.

©2008 Keith Berner

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2 Comments on “08.10.08 Having Dodged the Edwards Bullet”

  1. Kathy P Says:

    From the Department of Fallen Heroes …

    Call me naïve, but I’ve always liked John Edwards. I liked that he was a trial lawyer, stickin’ it to the corporate interests when they screwed people over. I liked his boyish hair and his endearing smile. And mostly I liked his populist message and the fact that he himself was a mill worker’s son who became a U.S. Senator. I thought he was a family man and I felt very, very sorry that he might lose his true love and the mother of his kids.

    Now he admits that he was screwing around with a woman while his wife battled cancer. John says it wasn’t as bad as it sounds because he is not the father of this woman’s child. Oh yes, and another mitigating factor according to John was that Elizabeth was in remission during the 6 months he was having the affair!

    I guess it just proves that every one of us is human and therefore flawed and that we ought to see people clearly as both their best and worst selves. But I feel really, really bad for Elizabeth Edwards, having her trust violated by her best friend while battling a deadly disease. Sheez, John!

    And as for other political figures I used to admire … This past week Barack says, “No offshore drilling for oil! No drilling! No drilling! Well, okay, maybe some drilling, if it’s part of a more diverse energy program.” Does this guy have any spine? His backbone seems to sway along with the latest focus group findings. Offshore oil won’t bring cheaper gas at the pumps? So what! People think it will and that’s all that matters!

    Again and again, Obama holds his finger up to see which way the wind is blowing. The other day I heard him on the radio addressing Evangelical Christians, saying, “As a Christian myself …” What’s wrong with that? Well, I happen to believe in the separation of church and state. And I think somebody seeking the highest office in the land should never make it sound like there is one, officially sanctioned religion in this country lest that come to pass. I subscribe to the crazy notion that this country has been and should remain a refuge for those who have suffered religious persecution – and that there should also be safety for those who believe in no religion at all. Call me a Constitution hugger, I guess!

    If Obama keeps reversing himself and continues talking like a Republican, I really question whether he will gain votes or if he just might lose a few. People don’t like phoniness. I’d like to repeat a wonderful quote that has already been used in this blog, a quote we now know should be attributed to Harry Truman. “Given the choice between a Republican and someone who acts like a Republican, people will vote for the real Republican all the time.” I’m thinking of passing that message out on street corners.


  2. Keith Berner Says:

    Re Elizabeth: She knew about the affair and decided to stay silent. Bottom line: she was complicit in John’s decision to sell us all a bill of goods and put in jeopardy all that we believe in. And, now that the story has broken, she is bitterly complaining about the media’s (supposedly) mistreating them.

    The whole thing is sad. But Elizabeth is not a hapless victim.


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