07.13.08 Not Flying with US Airways

Not flying. 
As in arriving on an originating flight an hour late and not finding your connecting flight anywhere on the flight board. 
Not flying.
As in going to the planned departure gate and seeing no information about your flight there, either. 
Not flying.
As in being scowled at by overworked and underpaid ground staff, who either have no information to give you or no interest in giving it to you. 
Not flying.
As in sitting in an airplane that hasn’t backed away from the gate, though you’ve been sitting in it for almost an hour. 
Not flying.
As in no snacks, no beverages, and $15 per bag checking fee.

It’s not just US Airways, of course.  It’s the entire stinking industry. 

For today, though, I am the victim of this particular airline.

Next time I have a trip of less than eight hours by car, that’s how I’ll travel – gas prices be damned.

(See, I told you this blog would not be only about politics!)

–Philadelphia International Airport, 10:50pm

©2008 Keith Berner

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3 Comments on “07.13.08 Not Flying with US Airways”

  1. Leon Morse Says:

    I hear ya. I gave up on them a year ago when they ruined our anniversary plans and wasted a day off. I won’t fly them again.

    It is sad: I used to fly them regularly but they went way down hill, more so than the rest of the industry.

    In my case, I am pretty sure they held our plane near a gate, saying that there was no one to guide it in, so that we (and three others going to Montreal) would miss our connecting flight (we got there just after they closed the door) so they could squeeze on some other passengers and bump us to another one several hours later (not the next one, but the last one). I could have worked the day after all and taken the late flight.


  2. Seth Grimes Says:

    “Shuttle” routes like DC-Boston are less risky.

    But do consider as an alternative to driving taking the train or bus. I would always choose the train over the plane to NYC and I’d consider it to Boston if I absolutely wanted to avoid flying.


  3. Mark in Virginia Says:

    I think you have gotten it right-the entire industry is becoming a mess. They nickle and dime you by charging for this and that, they seem not to care about customers, flight attendants increasingly complain in front of the passengers (is it just me or is this happening more in last few years), and they hide what they are doing behind euphemisms that insult our intelligence.

    That said, US Airways is one of the worst (but not as bad as Northwest in my book).


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